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Depth Of Field

Shots that have an interesting Depth of Field. A clear point of focus. The background or surrounding area of your subject should be out of focus.

  • Behind the veil: a feminine condition by Moon Black
  • Animal 9 by BKSPicture
  • Fanciful Flora by missmoneypenny
  • Sparrow by James1980
  • Don't leaf me by Ulla Jensen
  • In a bit of a spin by Rosie Nixon
  • Solid Bass II by Bob Daalder
  • Color Me by laruecherie
  • Day 124 - 11th November 2011 by petegrev
  • Just Chalk it Up (Pool Series) by laruecherie
  • Hanging Around Glasswing - Greta oto by Lepidoptera
  • Day 125 - 12th November 2011 by petegrev
  • Beginning or End? by Bob Daalder
  • Orchid by alan shapiro
  • Crucifix Orchids by Michael Matthews
  • Bearded Orchid by Ben Loveday
  • Hardy Boys Book Collection by Bethany Helzer
  • Walking On Thin Ice by CBoyle