Depth Of Field

Shots that have an interesting Depth of Field. A clear point of focus. The background or surrounding area of your subject should be out of focus.

Recent Work

  • Grasses by Laurie Minor
  • Pumpkin Bones by Keala
  • Mycena sp. by hanspeters
  • Dynamic stillness by Graeme M
  • Posh Nosh by Clare Colins
  • My Best Side by Yannik Hay
  • What a Lovely Smile by Yannik Hay
  • Harvest Time by MoreKeala
  • Hmmm...Every time I try to eat upside down I lose my nut. So much for being a trend setter... by MoreKeala
  • Upright by Ben Loveday
  • Noa by yanshee
  • Ancient Roman Tablet by Margaret Stevens

About This Group

Our group is dedicated to showcasing the distinct difference that Depth Of Field Photography highlights

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