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Ginny York Ginny York 7013 posts

February 12, 2014

Following are this weeks Features. When I look through the gallery I see so many images that deserve features….but only 12 will show up on the front page of the group….and so here they are. They are all clickable and will take you to the images page. Please help me congratulate this weeks members by leaving a few words for them below.

Congratulations Everyone! Your work is gorgeous and deserves to be in the spotlight.

Encounter on the trail
by Eivor Kuchta

MMMMM,I Love These Rose Bushes
by MaeBelle

Go ahead – make my day
by missmoneypenny

Biggest Red Deer Rack at Oméga
by Poete100

by Martin Griffett

The Mudlark
by ten2eight

Button Buck White Tail Deer
by Bonnie T. Barry

A young white tailed deer
by jozi1

by Peter Wiggerman

Bull Elk In Autumn
by Michael Cummings

The Red Rut
by peaky40

by Martin Griffett

Ginny York Ginny York 7013 posts

We have a challenge called IN VELVET. If you haven’t entered yet, you still have plenty of time. Come on in and enter! :))

Vicki Spindler (VHS Photography) Vicki Spindler... 7269 posts

Congratulations to all!! :)))))) x x x

MaeBelle MaeBelle 248 posts

Beautiful selections Ginny♥ thank you for choosing my young Buck to be among these beauties, Congratulations to all of you great artists, :o)) God Bless,Mae

missmoneypenny missmoneypenny 1244 posts

These images are amongst the most beautiful I have ever seen – congratulations to everybody

Ginny York Ginny York 7013 posts

Thanks Vicki, Mae and Chris! I agree with you Chris….and there are so many more hiding in the group just waiting to be recognized. This group is full of talent. Keep those images coming in!

Poete100 Poete100 1897 posts

So happy to have my image featured alongside with all this beautiful feature!!! Thanks Ginny and congrats to everyone!!!

Ginny York Ginny York 7013 posts

You’re so welcome Lorraine….He’s a beauty!

jozi1 jozi1 313 posts

Great selections,Ginny congrats to everyone and happy to be included :)

Ginny York Ginny York 7013 posts

Thanks Tony! Such a talented group. I’m happy to feature your gorgeous deer. :))

ten2eight ten2eight 128 posts

Thanks Ginny, congratulations to everyone. Brian.

MotherNature MotherNature 6962 posts

What a lovely way to take a break from the snowstorm! These are terrific. Congratulations to all!!!!

Eivor Kuchta Eivor Kuchta 161 posts

Beautiful images! Congratulations to everyone and thank you for including me!

Ginny York Ginny York 7013 posts

Brian and Eivor….your images are always beautiful and deserve to be featured. I’m happy to put these in the spotlight. :))
Hey Carol…..We don’t usually get snow….but we have about a foot or more of it. So I’m glad to have a break from it too. I think I will have to shovel a spot to feed my visiting deer. I threw out some apples and corn for them, but the apples sunk down it the snow and the corn is still sitting on the top. I could still see the apples….I hope they can.