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Days Gone By (Photos TAKEN before 1996)

Photos taken before 1997. (NOT photos of old items.)

Five Ways the Digital Camera Has Changed Us.

oulgundog oulgundog 785 posts

Five Ways the Digital Camera Has Changed Us.

oulgundog oulgundog 785 posts

Yes I thought it was good article and clearly shows how far we have come in such a short time… technology breeds technology.. (a quote I think I made up, but I’m sure somebody else will claim it! LOL) I was a dyed in the wool, wet film man since holding my first camera .. an Ilford!

Just a gimmick… never match good old film .. quality … try Medium format or bigger!
I was taking an art and interior design course some 7 or 8 years back and needed to photograph subjects,pieces, work I had done to show the varying stages of progress. I hadn’t time or the werewithall to present pictures in film. So I purchased my first digital camera. An Olympus CZ 220… mid range point and shoot … about £170 ($250) 2.1 mpi… that was it … sold .. gone…!

This was the sort of thing I could turn out , without checking light , background, framing, take out that silly bugger at the edge whose ruining the shot….(if you erase him on the PC screen .. dosn’t mean he ceases to exist! He just isn’t in your picture!… mind you opens up a whole new concept of voodoo dolls!)

Develop film,…without turning the lights off and freezing my whatsits in a cold shed at 3am in the morning!

It’s all moved on since then… wonderful little point and shoot cameras …with mega pixels .. great SLR’s and wonderful lenses… 3D is now within reach of the amatuer photographer…and you can print them up in minutes while sipping a glass of red!

Ah but I still have a soft spot for the old stuff,… choosing film, …checking setting,.. framing round,… trying not to waste a shot… winding on to a spiral in the dark … swilling a print in a tray back and forward untill it reveals it’s self … is this the one?

Something magical about all that I miss!


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Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed your story.

oulgundog oulgundog 785 posts


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