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Day Hikes

This group is all about photos from day hikes that we all take whether it be to the city or nature.

  • Turlo Campground by Edith Farrell
  • Liffey Falls....Beyond the Barrier!!! by tinnieopener
  • Just a little bit of patience by jchanders
  • Two Sunshines in the sky by ienemien
  • By The Stream by Trevor Kersley
  • The promise of the new light by jchanders
  • "Bamburgh Castle, Untamed Landscape" by Bradley Shawn  Rabon
  • Third Shot of the Night by tinnieopener
  • Dreaming of Home!  Decorated Floridian Xmas Yard in Oregon by Chuck Gardner
  • Time smooths all wounds by Garth Smith
  • Great Egret Waits Patiently by Chuck Gardner
  • Sea Grass by Garth Smith
  • Spring at La Piedra State Beach by Jo Nijenhuis
  • Early summer-morning dreamland by jchanders
  • Golden-Crowned Sparrow by Chuck Gardner
  • Tumbling Waters by Dandelion Dilluvio
  • Midday light, Whistleduck Gorge. by Richard  Stanley
  • Glowing Hoodoo Formations by Stephen Vecchiotti