Dark and Industrial Imagery - 2 Per Day

A place to celebrate all the dark, broody images inspired by industrial scenery & the industrial music scene. Black, broody, gritty, bleak, emotive... What does Industrial mean to you?


  • PARANORMAL by edend
  • Two dead bird skulls in one dead tree by edend
  • Samsas Traum  by Nec-romancer
  • First dead bird skull burning with a black flame feather by edend
  • MelancholiA by edend
  • ASP Black Butterfly by Nec-romancer
  • From The Darkness-All My Love by brett66
  • My only enemy is inside by edend
  • Silent Hill Symbol by Nec-romancer
  • In Transmission by George Salazar
  • Ghost BC by Nec-romancer
  • Tremere by Nec-romancer
  • Conspiracy Realist - Barcode Remix by jaytees
  • Salubri by Nec-romancer
  • Les compresseurs 26 by yanshee
  • Les compresseurs #02 by yanshee
  • is there a troll under the bridge. IR by BigAndRed
  • Eldritch burning by blackplanet