Dark and Industrial Imagery - 2 Per Day

A place to celebrate all the dark, broody images inspired by industrial scenery & the industrial music scene. Black, broody, gritty, bleak, emotive... What does Industrial mean to you?

  • Metallic I by Natalie Broome
  • Old & Alone by ♠Mathieu Pelardy♣  ♥Photographe♦
  • Tangled up in blue... by annacuypers
  • Jett Black by paintingsheep
  • I'm Going Down, Down, Down by paintingsheep
  • Descendant by hologram
  • A FAIR DREAM GONE MAD by nachogalacho
  • Keep out by Andrew Wilson
  • Attended by Shadows by Richard Pitman
  • The Dark Tower - The Shell Building in San Francisco by StudioDestruct
  • Abandoned Blue #14 by Daniele Porceddu
  • Spiraling Out Of Sight by MJD Photography  Portraits and Abandoned Ruins
  • My sweet prince... by annacuypers
  • Last Days by Ben Loveday
  • Ruins (Astoria #4) by Jeff Clark
  • Untitled by ShellyKay
  • Figure  by Jocelyn  Parry-Jones
  • OVERLOAD by Get Carter