For any member who recognises the beauty of Dandelions and portrays them in an eyecatching and unique way.

Recent Work

  • Field of Dandelions by Laura Buchanan
  • Dandelion Delight by Kathy Reid
  • In dreams.. by NaturesTouch
  • Ready to Fly Away by AnnDixon
  • I wish for you and me by Ingz
  • Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye by Photography  by Mathilde
  • 1/2 Clock by Maggie Lowe
  •  .....wishing doesn't make it so by Photography  by Mathilde
  • Silver Shines.. by NaturesTouch
  • Embrace by jamesy (happypastel)
  • Dandelion bloom by RosiLorz
  • Sometimes you have to let them go... by Yool

About This Group

Welcome to the Dandelions group! Here is a group specifically dedicated to the very best Dandelion images on Red Bubble!

It is also a place to come and share the passion for this humble, yet beautiful weed.

Quick Rules:
1. 1 image upload per day and it is subject to moderator approval.
2. The image must be one that you are very proud of as we only want to see the very best dandelion images on RB.
3. The main focus in the photo must include a dandelion or it’s seeds.


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