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Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1607 posts

Another Walk on the Wild Side (of Science)!

Congrats to all the fantastic artists and designers featured for the week! (Hope you’ll leave congrats as well… you can do that here, or click the images to reach the individual pages. And that way, you can also read the text. )

Cool work by all! ~ ENJOY! ~


The Saurus Society – No Extinction Theory Conversation by venitakidwai1

Fall from the stars fractal art by Michal Dunaj

tesla for science! by dollface87

An unknown planet in space. by Carol and Mike Werner

Einstein physics equation by nadil

Tunnels Through Space by Charlotte Garrie

biobelisk by titus toledo

Gaia’ by Tom Erik Douglas Smith

Carl Sagan by kingUgo

Out of the Blue into the Black by Brita Lee

a room with view by frederic levy-hadida

Wired 002 by Karl David Hill

titus toledo titus toledo 252 posts

big hand to everyone. and big thanks, ma’am, for featuring “biobelisk”

hi ho!

titus toledo

Donuts Donuts 172 posts

Fantastic selection, congrats to all the artists!!!

JonnisArt JonnisArt 836 posts

Wonderful selection. Congrats to all featured artists.

venitakidwai1 venitakidwai1 11 posts

Big, big thanks for the feature.

Carol and Mike Werner Carol and Mike... 1035 posts

Great selection, Nadya . . . congrats to all the featured artists!

Tom Erik Douglas Smith Tom Erik Dougl... 8 posts

Nice selection! Thank you for the feature and congrats to all!