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Fringe Science & Beyond

Science/ Strange Science/ The Paranormal/ The Unexplained/ The Unexplainable


Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1648 posts

This week’s postcards from the Edges of Reality…
A Voyage not of Sight, but of Mind. Yet another trek through the outer realm of Science,Fringe Science and The Unexplained!

Please join us in sending your congratulations to our featured artists of the week on their innovative, Cutting Edge creations! Comments are invited here; to see the text and reach the artists individually (we hope you will), click on the images.


life on mars? by shadowlea

dreams by Sybille Sterk

Higgs Boson by Samuel Sheats

Pink Super Earth (Xianthen-18) by Tanya Varga (formerly Tanya Wheeler)

New Horizons by Cliff Vestergaard

Genome by Regina Valluzzi

Mists of Time by AlienVisitor

Sky by Philip DeLoach

2334-Pro Bono by George W Banks

Angel Of Rebirth by Natalia Lvova

Star Light II by Hugh Fathers

At The Edge Of The Future by Yvonne Less

mYmEMine mYmEMine 191 posts

Congrats to all the artists and their great work. And Thank you Nadya for including mine!

Hugh Fathers Hugh Fathers 384 posts

What a fabulous selection, very pleased to be included . . .

shadowlea shadowlea 1296 posts

congratulations everyone, fabulous selection of beautiful work, and thank you Nadya

Samuel Sheats Samuel Sheats 33 posts

I am flattered, honored and humbled to be included in this group. Such thought-provoking pieces…Thank you so much, Nadya.