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Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1376 posts

Congratulations, featured artists of the week at Cutting Edge!


Hope you’ll all convey congrats as well! Comments are invited here as always, but to read the text and reach the individual artists, click the images.

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Mathematics abstract with movement in time and space by Carol and Mike Werner

Evolution by Philip DeLoach

Calling The Neighbouring Star System by Yvonne Less

newton’s infinite fruit of cosmic indolence by titus toledo

Quantum Mechanics – The Usual Suspects by GUS3141592

orca dreaming by shadowlea

cosmology in numbers 001 by Karl David Hill

String Theory Part 3 – Second Chances by Michaela Sagatova

Piece of Life by Eric Nagel

Chemists Provide Solutions by fishbiscuit

AnimusBreathingViriditas by RosaCobos

Particle Physics by Rob Colvin

titus toledo titus toledo 245 posts

happy and honored to know that newton’s infinite fruit of cosmic indolence is being featured here.

thank you cutting edge and a big hand to all.

hi ho!

titus toledo

Rob Colvin Rob Colvin 25 posts

Thanks for the feature!!

Eric Nagel Eric Nagel 85 posts

Fascinating and impressive artwork – thank you to be selected!

yvil1 yvil1 460 posts

Thank you for including my image into this great collection of outstanding art work!! Well done!! :)

RosaCobos RosaCobos 347 posts

Thank you so much for the feature and this great display of splendid art to share with.

shadowlea shadowlea 1270 posts

congratulations everyone on your amazing and beautiful work, and thank you Nadya

fishbiscuit fishbiscuit 4 posts

Thank you so much for the feature! :D