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Far Out Science/ The Strange, the Unexplained

Features! August 24

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1489 posts

Congratulations, featured artists of the week at Cutting Edge!

Please enjoy these innovative visions from the world of science and conjecture! Hope you’ll all convey congrats as well. Comments are encouraged here but you can reach the individual artists by clicking on the images.

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Thirteenth Dimension by AnimiDawn

WANTED: Dead and Alive by KMartinez

The Quantum Physics of Emotion by deborah zaragoza

We Are Made of Star Stuff by BiggStankDogg

future tribal 4 by shadowlea

Quantum Collision by Hugh Fathers

Apodaca Lake by Richard Gerhard/ The future of Southern Mew Mexico

Flower Field #6: A Spectrum of Parallel Universes (G0847)

MC Square by MightyRain

the Wreck by Tom Godfrey ~ scientists search for the remains of the ufo, which was seen striking the water in a fairly shallow ocean trench

Density of States by Regina Valluzzi

String Theory Unleashed by Michaela Sagatova

debarlene debarlene 292 posts

Congratulations to all these splendid artists. Beautiful and creative images that move the mind. Thank you Nadya for this awesome forum and your kindness to your members. I appreciate all you do for us!!


KMartinez KMartinez 9 posts

Thanks, Nadya, for letting me know about the group and for featuring my work!

barrowda barrowda 2553 posts

Total agreement with deb’s statements, thank you, Nadya!! :o)))

shadowlea shadowlea 1204 posts

what a great collection of interesting work by very creative artists…congratulations everyone..and thank you Nadya

Richard  Gerhard Richard Gerhard 937 posts

Way cool…Thank you so much…..Congrats to everyone…fantastic work by all