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Fringe Science & Beyond (4 a day limit)

Far Out Science/ The Paranormal, The Mystical, The Unexplained

First Features - April!

Nadya Johnson Nadya Johnson 1583 posts

~ From the Inner Mind… to the Outer Limits ~

Please join us in congratulating our featured artists of the week here at Cutting Edge (Science – The Unexplained – The Unexplainable)!

(And if you haven’t entered yet, don’t miss our $20 voucher challenge – Best of Cutting Edge; 3 days left to enter, hope to see you there!)


Dimensional Overlap by Philip DeLoach

fragile by shadowlea

Peoples… by Syd Baker

Juggling Act by Sandra Bauser Digital Art

Alien Dawn by AlienVisitor

When the air runs out by retepk

Sanctuary by charmedy

The lost Stupa by Hugh Fathers


Saturn by Sazzart

The Big Sleep by Scott Evers

Under a Broken Moon by SpinningAngel

Richard  Gerhard Richard Gerhard 937 posts

great work everyone…very cool

shadowlea shadowlea 1228 posts

fantastic collection, CONGRATULATIONS everyone on your beautiful work, and appreciate being included thanks Nadya

mYmEMine mYmEMine 191 posts

Great work everybody! And Nadya, thanks for including me! :-)

Hugh Fathers Hugh Fathers 384 posts

Wow . . . Look at all these fabulous creations . . . I’ve had minimal presence for the last 2+ weeks. Now I’m back and have a truckload of catching up to do . . .
Most pleased to be included amongst such lovely art . . .

texnotropio texnotropio 291 posts

congrats everyone

linaji linaji 6570 posts

Wonderful layout! Congrats Featured Members!