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What if Everything You Learned is Wrong?

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The Challenge

BONUS CHALLENGE! (See Rewards and Prizes, below)

This one could be a little tricky but let’s stretch our minds and our imaginations just a bit (after all, this group is Cutting Edge)! What we want to see are your ideas and interpretations of so-called Science Facts – which are not necessarily facts at all, even though we’re taught so in school and we’ve assumed for years they’re all correct. We want to see the Other Side; theories which dispute the status quo!

What if… the time table we’ve been taught in history class is wrong and there were organized societies on Earth as long as 40,000 years ago, or even earlier? (Recently discovered ruins would suggest it’s true)

What if… the great Pyramid of Giza wasn’t meant to be a tomb (no mummies or bodies were ever found inside, nor was a sarcophagus) but was instead, some sort of power source using esoteric technologies long lost to us across the centuries?

What if… many ancient “gods” were really ancient visitors from other worlds and other stars, misinterpreted as deities by primitive societies?

What if… we really share our world with furtive, undiscovered life-forms such as Sasquatch (Bigfoot), chupacabras, Mothman or the famous river monsters such as Nessie, Champ and Ogopogo? (There are over 250 lakes world-wide said to be inhabited by these mystery-creatures and thousands of reports going back for centuries. Are ALL those people “seeing things?”)

What if… the Big Bang wasn’t actually the start of anything at all but rather, as a few cosmologists are saying now, a Big Bounce ~ and the process is repeated over and over, through the eons?

What if… Atlantis really did exist, not as just an ancient city-site but one of great advancement where “technologies” existed we have yet to duplicate today? What if remnants of the super-city lie just south of Cuba under 2,310 feet of water as proposed by deep ocean engineer Paulina Zelitzky of Canada?

What if… homo sapiens and dinosaurs inhabited the Earth concurrently (as suggested by the fossil finds in Glen Rose, Texas and the Inca Stones – all 20,000 of them – in Peru?)

The list is long. Those are just a few examples. All of that may sound fantastic; but should you look these matters up you will find that experts in varieties of fields hold these “rebel theories” to be true ~ and that some of their evidence is darned convincing, truth be told.

We would like to see your images depicting such events and theories. This is not a science fiction challenge! Fantastical ideas – yes. But ONLY those which someone, somewhere is researching even now as “fact” despite skepticism on the part of mainstream scientists who disagree. No space-scapes (maybe Mars, if you’re dealing with the famous Face) – no alien cities (possibly the moon, if you’re addressing certain mystery-structures said by some to be there).., no abstracts, please – no undefined surrealism; no Tribute Art from movies or tv. And if you’re focusing on UFO’s, please relate your artwork to specific incidents (Roswell, Kecksburg, Kapustin Yar in Russia, Rendlesham in Britain, etc ~ actual reports; or, as in our cover image, real places in the past said by some to be the sites of visitation by the theoretical ET’s).

We’re proud to say we have a lot of artwork of this nature in our archives even now. This is Fringe Science in its purest form and it’s what we’re all about. But newer work is totally encouraged too!

You can find more inspiration here ~ here and here just to get you off the ground.

ARTWORK ONLY for this challenge. No shirt-designs or i-phone covers. Any medium accepted (drawings, paintings, digital creations) bur your entry must in some way illustrate the challenge theme.

Remember, we don’t ask you to believe — only to report! So put on your thinking caps and get creative, maybe do a little digging here and there. Show us the world, or cosmos not according to “The Books” but according to investigators who have questioned all the things we think we know.

You don’t have to tell the story in your text, although we’d love it if you did. Titles are important, though. Tell us where you’re coming from! Should you title something “Work in Bryce” it tells us nothing of the subject, and for this challenge doesn’t qualify.

As always, we’re looking forward to some awesome, thought provoking work!

Judging / Voting Criteria

Please vote for more than one. Base your votes on content, artistic excellence, creativity and innovation as well as how well you think they fit the challenge theme. We encourage you to vote for more than one.

As always, No Soliciting of Votes. Any member caught padding the ballot box either via Bubblemail, Facebook, or any other venue will have their work removed and also be deleted from the group. It may sound harsh but soliciting for votes is FRAUD, especially when monetary prizes are involved. So play fair! Let the artwork win on merit, not on popularity.

VOTES are IMPORTANT! If you enter, please participate!

Rewards & Prizes

Normally, there’s only ONE $20 voucher challenge during any given month, but this is a BONUS CHALLENGE. One, and only one, is available thanks to a donation. So the winner will receive a $20 voucher (provided that it has at least 5 votes) ~ as well as a winners banner, and the work will be show-cased in our Forum and our Group Home Page.

ONLY the image designated as “the winner” by the Bubble gets the voucher prize. However, in the event of a tie other winners get the rest of it… (banners, Forum features, mention on our group home page).

Runners up also get a banner and a mention, if the individual entries get at least 3 votes. (If we have at least 20 entries this will be the Top 10. If less, we will recognize the Top 5.)

Additional Information

Work must be accepted in the group by voting time to qualify.

Please be sure your work adheres to the focus of the challenge and the rules of the group! All entries deemed otherwise will be removed at the discretion of the hosts.

Thanks to Vanessa Barklay for our stunning cover image for this challenge! And remember… whether you believe or not is not the issue! We just want to see these theories illustrated in creative ways!

[Note: as members too, hosts may enter challenges. That’s our policy at Cutting Edge. However, if the host who originates the challenge wins a $20 voucher, he or she will in turn donate the voucher to the group in another challenge.]

Cover Image: Gods in Chariots? by Vanessa Barklay


The Top Ten

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Rushmore 2032 by Richard Gerhard was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

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  • Losing My Religion by billyboy
  • The History of the Bioluminoidal Fractalization Process by Rhonda Strickland
  • Change of Paradigm by Nadya Johnson
  • Strings and superstrings by Carol and Mike Werner
  • ☼ ☥ Anput, Guardian of Lore ☥ ☾ by Leah McNeir

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