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Fringe Science & Beyond

Science/ Strange Science/ The Paranormal/ The Unexplained/ The Unexplainable

Recent Work

  • Plant Life   by cringe0015
  • FRIDAmorphosis by ARTito
  • The Nightmare Before Schwiftmas by the50ftsnail
  • give your dreams their wings to fly! by psychoshadow
  • Tower Rock by annewinkler1
  • Blue Creature  by cringe0015
  • NEW DAWN by shadowlea
  • Vampire Bunny   by cringe0015
  • Escape by annewinkler1
  • Weird Creature  by cringe0015
  • It's Not Easy Being Green by Bunny Clarke
  • Ice Cream Astronaut by Chris Singley

About This Group

New Paradigms/ The Unexplained/The Unexplored

Our Focus in this group: Mysteries of the Past, Present and the Future, Mysteries of Time, Space, the Cosmos.

No Politics! The focus of this group is FRINGE SCIENCE and The Unexplained: also, we are International and NOT a forum for debate. There are other forums for your views on politics/ all such will be rejected here.

Please read ALL our group requirements and rules, below before submitting work

Image of the Week/ March 24, ’17

Sunrise on Planet X by kenspics

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Newest Challenge Wins/ Featured Artists


Welcome to Machine by Cliff Vestergaard
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This is not a group for “strange artwork” per se. The theme here is Strange Science and The Unexplained.

Nor are we a science fiction group… exactly. Our focus overlaps (science fiction after all, is BASED on fringe ideas and the unexplained) but here we emphasize the theories and the possibilities ~ not the fiction! So space travel, time travel, aliens, exo-planets, future tech (androids, robots, cyborgs), UFO’s and alternate dimensions are among the many topics we invite you to explore.

We walk the line here between mythology and history/ between “official” science and the more obscure/ between the Proven and the yet-to-be confirmed. If you’re dealing with a topic you might see on Through the Wormhole, Mysteries of the Unexplained, Paranormal Mysteries, Ancient Aliens, Unsealed/Aliens, UFO Files, Monsters and Cryptids, NASA’s Unexplained, etc. ~ then its probably our cup of tea!

NO Fan Art, please! We DO NOT not accept tribute work based on pop cuture. If you’re illustrating “Star Travel” ~ perfectly acceptable. But don’t post the Tardis or the Enterprise! We want to see YOUR ideas/images, not those done by someone else!

(For science fiction, including tribute art, check the Sci Fi Group. It’s all welcome, there!)

The group now accepts WRITING: but ONLY writing which relates to our group theme! It must describe or discuss the topics we cover here, whether from first-hand experience or from documentaries, articles, etc. Poetic license is acceptable…but NO rambling poetry/free verse, and definitely no romance or love-poems! Any material deemed inappropriate or off-theme, will NOT be accepted, so stick to what we do here: Science, Fringe Science, the Unexplained/ the paranormal!

No porn, no animal abuse, no overt violence or gore! Tasteful nudity ok in context but if you “think” you need to use the filter, do. Anything deemed inappropriate or unsuitable for RB will be disqualified.

No Untitled work! And only 4 per day, please! Don’t flood the group. Please Limit your Variants (Work virtually identical to other work you’ve posted here). Let your images be fresh/unique.


Recent Challenge Winners!/Featured Artists!

Winners! “Who Goes There?” (2-way tie)

Born by Alberto Bravo

Another State of Grace by Danilo Lejardi

Winner! “Postcards from the Future”

Earth Underground by psychoshadow

Winner! “Wonders of the Cosmos”

Memories of the Universe by Alberto Brava

Winner! “Beyond the Veil”

parallelism by psychoshadow

Winner! Something Spooky This Way Comes

Amaymon by franceslewis

Winners! Paradise Lost (2-way tie)

Chosen One by psychoshadow

Survivor ~ Year 28 by Gabriel Forgottenangel

Winner! “Postcards from the Depths of Space”

Planetary Proximity by barrowda

Winner! “Rise of the Machines”

Blue Light by Jeff Kingston

Winner! “Strange Daze” (Parallel Universes/Alternate Dimensions)

Unicorns Dreaming Deeply by WildestArt

Winner / Fade to Black

New Moon by psychoshadow

Winners! SPACE (2-way tie)

Shoreline by blacknight

Red Supernova by Ann Warrenton

Winner! “Seeing Red”

Within the Red Wood of Nowhere by Adelidaw

Winners! (5-way Tie) ~ "The Bright Side*

The Dinner is Ready by Gloria Sanchez

Rocket Launch by Phil Perkins


The Fifth Day by debidabble

Guardian by Lone Angel

*At the Petting Zoo
by Bine


Winner! Who Needs Rockets? (Portals, Rifts & Wormholes)

Born in the Vortex – The New Machine by Rhonda Strickland

Winners! Through the Quantum Looking Glass (4-way tie)

A Small Window of Time by debidabble

The History of the Bioluminoidal Fractalization Process by Rhonda Strickland

Collision by floatingpilot

Through the Looking Glass by blacknight

(Click for artists’ pages)

Remember… The Universe itself is Unexplained and Unexplored! And even what we THINK we know is not so certain, so the playing field’s big! If in any doubt about the type of artwork we accept, please see our gallery and our features.

We don’t ask you to believe – just report! So if you’re a skeptic, please follow RB’s rules of etiquette. Play nice!

We invite your most imaginative entries. Come explore the Great Unknown! After all, it’s where we live! :-)

See the group rules and join this group here

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