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  • vanesse

    Buying Time... by vanesse

    If I could buy some time

    how much would it cost?

    Because tomorrow

    never comes today

    and yesterday

    is lost.

    By: Vanesse Cathleen

    23 words
  • oscarelizondo

    A Little Bird Grows Up by oscarelizondo

    A Little Bird Grows Up
    Oscar Elizondo
    (A tiny bird falls from it’s nest and is forced to make it on it’s own. The baby swallow tells his own story as he goes on about his day. The wind knocked down…

    3863 words
  • vanesse

    Life's Wonders... by vanesse

    Life is of wonders
    There is so much to see…

    The flowers in blossom
    the leaves on the tree’s

    The glistening drops
    of a new mornings dew

    Birds that fly swiftly
    through skies
    endless blue

    A baby, no doubt

    58 words
  • vanesse

    Blessed With A Boy... by vanesse

    Since the day you were born
    our life was never the same.
    God had blessed us with a boy
    who we gave his dad’s name.…

    When my labor was finally over
    and we heard your first cry.
    Your dad was so proud
    his smi

    131 words
  • vanesse

    Love Garden... by vanesse

    Our love,…

    It’s much like the unspoken word
    you know what it says
    although, it’s never been heard.

    Equally as beautiful as a rose is red
    I love you even more every time it is said!

    Much like the sun

    78 words
  • vanesse

    It Isnt Easy... by vanesse

    It isn’t easy being a mom
    and theres a possibility
    someday you may
    be facing this

    A childs personality
    is unique in every way,
    from the kinds of foods
    he likes to eat,
    to the games
    he l

    160 words
  • vanesse

    A Life Time... by vanesse

    A lifetime isn’t long enough
    to be alone with you.…

    Our special time together babe,
    comes far and much too few.

    If we could buy each other time
    I’d put myself in debt…

    Because the special time alone

    50 words
  • vanesse

    With You... by vanesse

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    99 words
  • vanesse

    Dad by vanesse

    I could tell you every day
    how much “I love you” because it is true
    but I would like to write a poem
    made with love; from me, to you.…

    I have so many things to say,
    I dont know where to start
    but everyt

    126 words
  • vanesse

    The Gift of a Child... by vanesse

    A child is a precious gift…

    even more precious than gold

    A child you will give a hug

    to warm when it gets cold

    I hope to share my life with you

    to teach you all I know

    and in return for all I do

    I get

    78 words
  • vanesse

    Sunshine... by vanesse

    Your Love,

    It trickles

    Through my body

    Like the water in a stream

    Together we are a melody,

    With you and I; the theme

    The beauty when stars twinkle

    Through the darkness of the sky

    Brings to my mind t

    74 words
  • vanesse

    In Control by vanesse

    Take a look through my eyes
    maybe then you will see
    you are my children and
    I love you, immeasurably!…

    I have faith in you
    so, have faith in me too
    “Believe in Yourself”
    and all that you do!

    Life is confus

    121 words
  • vanesse

    At Heavens Gate... by vanesse

    No one really knows why
    the Good Lord couldn’t wait.
    He has taken you to join him
    up at heavens pearly gates.…

    It had happened so fast
    I never got the chance to say
    how much “I Love You, Mom”
    so I am te

    71 words
  • vanesse

    A Mother's Work... by vanesse

    A mother’s work in never done
    although, at times, can be such fun.
    She will clean her house through-out the day,
    referee the childrens play,
    vacuum, dust, and mop the floors,
    wipe the fingerprints off d…

    107 words
  • vanesse

    Simple Things by vanesse

    art by: budrfli
    poetry by: vanesse

    56 words
  • vanesse

    Shady Tree... by vanesse

    Enjoying a Moment……

    Alone, In Quiet…

    Here I sit so quietly,
    underneath a shady tree.
    A breeze blowing soft
    through the strands
    of my hair.
    I don’t know the time
    but I don’t really care
    In what seemed like a

    88 words
  • vanesse

    Eternal Garden... by vanesse

    Like sand falling through an hourglass
    A day will come and years will pass.…

    Everything you do and say
    are seeds you plant along the way.

    The seeds will blossom into a flower
    as life takes you through it

    62 words
  • oscarelizondo

    I Peaked Through The Keyhole On Christmas Eve by oscarelizondo

    I Peaked Through The Keyhole On Christmas Eve…

    I peaked through the keyhole,
    Of my parent’s door.
    Placed a wooden box,
    To reach up from the floor.

    At first I was very curious,
    Because I wanted to know.

    269 words