Cute-n-Creepy Illustrations

Creating something that is both cute and creepy isn't easy. If you can pull it off, this is where you should be.


  • Rattle Snake by mikoto
  • Zombie Stomach by kozality
  • Cult of the Snow Children by Jacqueline Gwynne
  • Monkey Demon by Rustyoldtown
  • Tree Owl by Rustyoldtown
  • Shotgun Wedding by BigFatRobot
  • Morton self control by swisscreation
  • Cadaverine by kozality
  • Putrescine by kozality
  • Kids IN GAss MAsks by Malkman
  • Mister Owley by fizzgig
  • Backfire by fizzgig
  • Blob Zombie by fizzgig
  • Cthulhu Est. 1926 by kozality
  • Ghoul in the pool by weirdpuckett
  • Pet Cemetery by fizzgig
  • Eye Crustacea by fizzgig
  • Kindle by fizzgig