Cute-n-Creepy Illustrations

Creating something that is both cute and creepy isn't easy. If you can pull it off, this is where you should be.


  • his dancing by Andrew Kilgower
  • Bucket Head Surfer by alford
  • the survivor by curua
  • voodoo zombie by ninamarie
  • Burned Dragon by Zoo-co
  • Super Vampire Boy  by Rajee
  • Pink paint splatter skull by Brenda Boo
  • I am an evolved vandal. by CAX-ONE
  • Dapper by CAX-ONE
  • waiting.. by Andrew Kilgower
  • lil bird by Andrew Kilgower
  • Whale Fishing by mikoto
  • The way of the ghost ... by Hannah Chapman
  • Tunnel Of Terror (Luna Park) by Fotis
  • monster... by kangarookid
  • Happy Pets by MissKoo
  • Stitched Man by Zoo-co
  • Extreme Cooking by Zoo-co