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Do YOU want to be a "Lighter Side of Dark" character?

This challenge closed about 7 years ago.

The Challenge

Awesome new CHALLENGE

In light of the launch of the first ever "Lighter Side of Dark’ book, The Lighter Side of Dark: Enter the Yard I’ve decided to hold a wonderful and awesome challenge!

The challenge?
Create your own style of one of my LSOD charecters and submit it into the group. In the description of the image, please include that it is a ‘fan piece’ or a ‘tribute piece’ to the “Lighter Side of Dark” so that it will not get deleted for copyright purposes. Also include a link to the original character for voting purposes. Please also make sure that it is in your own style and not simply a copy of one of the characters. A perfect example is this piece by bahgoesthesheep. It is in her own style but still a beautiful fan piece of my image Lainers.

The contest will end in 2 weeks, on the 27th of March, so that you will have enough time to get your entry the way you like it and submitted to the group.

Have fun!
Shannon Rene’

Judging / Voting Criteria

Vote on the best ‘fan picture’ or ‘tribute piece’ based on the likeness of the character it is supposed to be.

Rewards & Prizes

The prize?
The two runners up will have their very own "Lighter Side of Dark’ character modeled after them and posted with a link to their gallery on RedBubble and Zazzle. The winners even get to choose what kinda of creature they get to be!

The grand prize winner will not only have their very own ‘LSOD’ character modeled after them, and their gallery linked, but the character will ALSO appear in an upcoming book in the ‘LSOD’ series! How many people do YOU know that can say they have their own character in a popular book series?!

Winners will also be featured in the group.

Additional Information

Please remember

~The all images MUST be submitted to the group or they will be deleted.

~You must include that it is a ‘tribute piece’ or a ‘fan picture’ in the description for copyright purposes.

~You must include a link to the original ‘LSOD’ character in the description for voting purposes.

~As always, all submissions must go by normal ‘Cute-n-Creepy group’ rules.

You can choose your fave "Lighter Side of Dark’ character “here!” They are all listed off to the right hand side, by name.

Cover Image: Lainers and the moon by bahgoesthesheep


The Top Ten

bee j by kangarookid

bee j by kangarookid was voted the most popular entry in this challenge with 5 votes.

  • Oskar  by Rajee

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