Cute Children's Illustrations!

Cute work designed specifically for children.


EmilyListon4 EmilyListon4 21 posts

A big congratulations to Sophie Corrigan – the winner of the ‘Challenge Winner Banner’ with 13 votes! Well done it is a brilliant design!

And another big congratulations to Stephanie Whitcomb – the winner of the ‘Top Ten Winner Banner’ with 10 votes! Well done as well, another amazing design!

They will now be featured members of this group and their designs will be on the group’s page! Also their banners will now be the group’s official challenge winner banners! So a HUGE congratulations to you both!

A VERY big well done to everyone else who entered as well your work was all extremely brilliant!

Emily x

Stephanie Whitcomb Stephanie Whit... 17 posts

Thank you for the congrats and the feature! :) And congratulations to Sophie Corrigan! Great cute design!