Current Issues

This group is for art and writing related to current political and social events.

  • Women's Power / Feminist Symbol by 321Outright
  • No more war by eleni dreamel
  • Man with baggage by Alex Preiss
  • Starr, War by blackiguana
  • Hands Off Syria! Been There, Done That.  by Alex Preiss
  • Together by Michael J Armijo
  • Wait just a moment by Joseph  Tillman
  • Enlightenment by artisandelimage
  • Pow. by Colleen Milburn
  • truth by titus toledo
  • fuck da police. by derP
  • All you need is love by Jim Butera
  • Sky Crane - The Only way to Land by wolfcat
  • One Love! One Heart! by Maria  Gonzalez
  • National History Day, T-Shirt Design 2012 by daniel cautrell
  • om by titus toledo
  • Abduction by lamiel