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Cupcakes N Critters - Features for 14th September 2013

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6347 posts

Cupcakes N Critters… real or plush or drawn creatures, as long as they are prominent and somehow interacting (or sitting upon, in the case of the ducks) with the cupcakes.

Enjoy!! :-D

Squirrel and Cupcake
by GlennB

Three little ducks went out one day …
by tali

Shamelessly Cute Bunny with Cupcake and Blue Bird
by jillhowarth

Care Bear Picnic
by Jess Nixon

Now That’s a Cupcake
by Tangerine-Tane

WHAT!! I’m Only Holding The Cupcake Up! – Silver-Eyes
by AndreaEL

AndreaEL AndreaEL 465 posts

Thank you so much for this amazing honour, and CONGRATS to the other featured artists… beautiful work and lovely selection

Livvy Young Livvy Young 2513 posts

Congrats all