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Cupcake Corner - Features are up 22/10/15

Images and artwork of all things cupcake! (and muffins) ☺

Give us a swirl - Features 17th August 2013

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6351 posts

So these cupcakes all have a swirl on the top. Something so simple when you look at it but so pretty when you can do it right. Enjoy!

Crunchy Choc Delight – Cupcake – NZ
by AndreaEL

CMYK Cupcake
by jadeboylan

Espresso Cupcakes 1
by Christopher O’Connor

by Hannah Millerick

Tea Time
by JeniNagy

Maple Walnut Cupcake with Maple Butter Frosting
by DearMsWildOne

sugarhai sugarhai 31 posts


AndreaEL AndreaEL 462 posts

A beautiful selections… Congratulations to all featured artists… it is an honour to be amongst you all…