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Images and artwork of all things cupcake! ☺

Cupcakes Galore! Challenge results :-)

JoAndCoCards JoAndCoCards 79 posts

Here is the Permanent Forum Thread for the Cupcakes Galore! challenge which finished in August 2012.

The winning image is:

Cute Colorful Cupcakes Pattern, Blue Background
by artonwear

JoAndCoCards JoAndCoCards 79 posts

The Top 10 winners are:

by squirrell

Beverly Hills Cup
by David McMahon

yellow cupcakes on turquoise
by demonique

Mini Heart Cakes
by tali

by waxyfrog

Cupcakes on Parade
by planetaye

∗Alice In Wonderland∗ – Cupcakes – Christchurch
by AndreaEL

Calendar cover 2012
by aldona

Sweet Delight
by Marija

Thea T Thea T 307 posts

Congrats to everyone who entered…they’re all scrumptious!! :)

waxyfrog waxyfrog 525 posts

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and congratulations to all top ten winners

AndreaEL AndreaEL 411 posts

Thank you so much to the hosts and all those who voted, it is an honour…