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Features for 28th November 2011.

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6175 posts

It was always my hope to do two sets of features this month, to make up for missing a couple…

While there is still a way to go until some of the world celebrates Christmas, now is the time that people are going to be shopping for cards… if they have not already done so!!

These look “back to front” really with the Christmassy cards at the bottom… this is because you feature back to front… that’s just how it is… I featured cards as I saw them.

Anyway here are some “Festive Feasts” with comments on the less obvious ones, they looked to me like they could pass for holiday cards anyway. Hope that causes no offence to anyone :-)

*Where the cards are for sale, the price (in USD) is under the description :-) (2.40 USD is £1.47)

Look a little like Christmas pudding cupcakes with Cherries on the top ;-)

cherry on the top
by Anita Waters

greeting card only 2.40 USD

Hey, it’s green and looks snowy!!

ice coconut cupcake
by Karen Camilleri

greeting card only 2.40 USD

OK I might be stretching my imagination a little TOO much but… there is a brown “pot” a green “tree” and a red cherry on the top. What more could you ask for?! :-)

Cupcakes and Violets
by Janis Zroback

greeting card only 3.40 USD

A beautiful, simple Christmas card AND it has a cupcake on the front! What more could you ask for?! :-)

Christmas Holly Cupcake red
by mrana

greeting card only 2.40 USD

Hey :-) I’m English, we don’t “do” Thanksgiving. We eat turkey at Christmas goshdarnit!! :-)

Turkey Cupcakes
by tali

greeting card only 2.40 USD

Wonderful work here :-)

Christmas CupCakes
by aldona

greeting card only 2.40 USD

aldona aldona 2175 posts

thanks for my selection Christmas Cupcakes .Congrats to the rest