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Christmas Cards for Sale 2011.

ellismorleyphto ellismorleyphto 6109 posts

This is an area that will appear in all of my groups, to show potential buyers cards that you have for sale.

If you are familiar with the Easy Button then please do use it to display your cards… otherwise feel free to leave the URL (essential!!!) as a comment and I shall do the conversion.

Please do try to keep it fair by only putting 1 or 2 cards in each post and not “spamming” this forum. Thanks!

Cards are all Christmas cards and do not have to fit the group theme. Please do keep them Safe For Work though! :-)

If this concept pays off, please look for future seasonal cards including Valentines and Easter. Non seasonal card forums MAY appear in the future too but this will HAVE to fit the group.

Any feedback on this idea welcome but please keep the chat to a minimum, this is a place for prospective buyers to view your cards in one easily spotted place.

If your post does not show, do not panic!! Some threads are moderated which means that only I can see it until I approve it! Thanks!!