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>> XPro - Cross Processed - Photography

Group Rules:

Only those images that have been cross processed, either chemically or by using photoshop actions (or similar) are eligible – each image’s description should explicitly state how cross processing was achieved. Please only submit your best xpro images.

All images are reviewed to determine if a cross processing technique was applied – please assist by ensuring your image description and/or tags note that cross processing was used or applied. Please try to include the tag “xpro” for all your cross processed images.

  1. HDR is NOT a cross processing technique and HDR images will not be accepted.
    (Please bubblemail me if you would like to discuss this.)
  1. Black and white images will not be accepted.
  1. All images should be colour and include a colour shift that imitates the results of processing COLOUR film/slide in the wrong chemicals.

Maximum images per member = 10
(Images require approval before they will appear in the group.)