Creatures that Slither and Slide (2/Day)

If it has NO legs and Slithers or Slides to get away from you... Shoot it! (With your camera... silly)

  • Snail by Luci Cadman
  • rat snake by kaotic-shell
  • Good night by Namarin
  • Spanish Shawl. (Flabellina iodinea) Santa Cruz Island, CA by Eyal Nahmias
  • Back Seat Driver by Jon Staniland
  • oops i sneezed by David Holmes
  • smiley ...  by Helen Corr
  • Two heads are better than One by bygeorge
  • Playful  by Yool
  • Snail and Thorns by Christian  Zammit
  • Gophersnake in Santa Barbara County Southern California by Eyal Nahmias
  • Out of my Way by Trevor Kersley
  • 080209-132   "HO-HUM" by MICKSPIXPHOTOS
  • Snail by Brian Watson
  • Snail Mail by Janette  Dengo
  • sea snake by blew12bandit
  • hitch hiker by chloemay