Creative, Talented & Unknown 2 WORKS PER 24 HOURS

A group for serious photographers and painting artists who are as yet unkown. NO TOTES, PILLOWS OR TEES


  • Green is Gold  by Jill Fisher
  • Splashback series B&W by Martin Dingli
  • The Eternal Teardrop by Jill Fisher
  • Bittersweet by sandwoman
  • Blue Roses by Lemarly
  • Bird Table by Lemarly
  • Tropic flower kaleidoscope by Redilion
  • Blow Hole... by Tracie Louise
  • 0534 Abstract Thought by chownb
  • Lhaso Apso by BarbBarcikKeith
  • Feeding Time by jozi1
  • A World With No Boundaries by Bunny Clarke
  • Galactic Gate by Bunny Clarke
  • The Red Baron and the Blue Max by kibishipaul
  • Abstract Unfolding Jewel Toned Patterns by John Fish
  • Lily Cole in medieval attire  by Elisabete Nascimento
  • Blue Ridge Mountains Panorama by WeeZie
  • A Puzzle the path of life by Carolyn Clark