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Creative, Talented & Unknown

.A group for serious artists who are as yet unknown.

Recent Work

  • High Stepper by Janice O'Connor
  • A Grounder With Those Treebies by Michael May
  • Vainutiira by MariJuutiArt
  • Frox by blacknight
  • Floral Girl Face by AnnArtshock
  • Mountain Goat by Vin  Zzep
  • Anti aphid brigade by indiafrank
  • Beautiful Gumnuts Australian by Joy Watson
  • generations by 1oldman
  • My Ocean is Dry But the Mines Are Still Armed by Alison Pearce
  • Jack in the box (2618 Views) by aldona
  • Alice, You're Late Again by Alison Pearce

About This Group

A group to encourage and display works by artists who have not received their just recognition — yet. Join and take an active part in a group of your fellow unknowns, and show us what you can do at your best!


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