Artworks & Photography must have a Creative Edge

Recent Work

  • Light of Politics by Werner Padarin
  • A Song by ArtOfE
  • in-version by ArtOfE
  • Heaven's Door II by ArtOfE
  • Curvilinear Project No.55 (  Drag On  ) by CurvilinearArt
  • Curvilinear Project No.54 ( Two Lost Souls ) by CurvilinearArt
  • Sleepy City by Elisabeth and Barry King™ by BE2gether
  • Point Pelee The Psychedelic Trip #19 by Elisabeth and Barry King™ by BE2gether
  • Out On The Horizon by Barry W  King
  • Old Tracks - The Old Essex Train Station by Barry W  King
  • Zombie Attack, tee shirt by LoneAngel
  • Ace by ArtistByDesign

About This Group

For everyone who likes to be creative in some way! Whether you are a painter, a sketch artist, a digital photographer or photo manipulator, even a photographer who likes to edit, this group accepts your quality work, journals and writings.
Revamped for 2013, open to anyone and everyone who is a creative spirit inside.

Works should show some creativity in them, straight out photography will only be allowable if it’s creatively done, work will be moderated and the hosts decision is final.
If your work has been rejected, please recheck our requirements.

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