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LEAF - October Voucher challenge

Aimelle Aimelle 446 posts

For October, as we will be in our autumn here (Canada) with falling leaves, it inspired me this theme (LEAF).
The objective is always the same.. coming out with something unique, different, creative. *
And the monthly Voucher challenge is one that you need to *create a NEW work
for. (all older work entered will be removed from the challenge without notice)
in the group Creative Souls, we aim at challenging our creativity!
If you want to only enter older work, please check the other regular challenges.

Here are more info to help you… please read. thank you

  • Mixed media
    use a real leaf (or many) for a collage…. and your imagination!
  • Traditional art
    at least one LEAF painted or drawn … and your imagination!
  • Digital art
    at least one LEAF… and your imagination!
  • Photography
    at least one LEAF… and your imagination!
  • NO…
    - trees
    - hand handling a leaf
    - piles of leaves
    - child or person in leaves (except if something else makes it very unique/different)
    - macro of a leaf
    - raindrop/s on a leaf
    - regular autumn scenery and landscape and with trees and leaves
    - etc… you know, the usual images we can see from searches (do a RB search and you’ll get the idea ^^)

Have fun and Be creative! =D