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Creative Commons

Learn about Creative Commons licencing and/or showpiece your Creative Commons licenced works, or find something you can use (or discuss with its creator)

Recent Work

  • Dawn: Trinity Beach, QLD by Chris Samuel
  • Comet PANSTARRS over Upper Ferntree Gully by Chris Samuel
  • Big Wheel, Luna Park by Chris Samuel
  • Ferris Wheel with Sun, Luna Park by Chris Samuel
  • Tree fern by Chris Samuel
  • Wattle tree in flower, National Rhododendron Gardens by Chris Samuel
  • Bee Line by Chris Samuel
  • Who? Me? Portrait of a King Parrot - Ballogie, Queensland Australia by Gryphonn

About This Group

This group is for anyone who is interested in Creative Commons licencing.
It is intended that this will be a place for discussing pros and cons of the Creative Commons model, or just to find out what Creative Commons is about.
In addition, it will also serve as a place to put examples of your work that is licenced under a Creative Commons licencing model.
Don’t place works (art or writing) here that you do not want used under such a licence, and please specify which licence either in your public profile or in the work’s description. There are a number of different licences, with differing restrictions on use, so it is essential that the actual licence is specified somewhere.

See the group rules and join this group here

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