Happy 4th of July! Celebrate your independence with independent art

Creation - Photoshop, Poser, Daz

Group Rules:

~ Follow Redbubble guidelines at all times please
~ Be considerate to your fellow members and hosts
~ Only submit your very best work, if you are not sure, rather don’t submit it
- Please do NOT submit works that are the same with just the color changed!
~ All works have to be CREATED using manipulation or creation software such as Photoshop, Bryce, Vue, Gimp etc.
~ All Photography submissions need to have the filters they used for post work on their images.
~ No writing on the images (signatures will be allowed), no tees.
- Typographic images will be allowed, but only as part of the overall image.
~ This is NOT a group for traditional artworks ie.oil, watercolor, pencil, mixed media etc.
~ All work submitted to the group must have *NO LETTERING!

~ Acceptance of works rests with the hosts, please do not challenge our decisions
~ By joining this group you give permission for your images to be used as avatars in this and any groups we host (for challenges etc)