Recent Work

  • Spotted Eagle by itchingink
  • Camp Coffee #6, White Face Horses by Susan Bergstrom
  • Buffalo Hunter by itchingink
  • Western Montage  by Al Bourassa
  • Cuenca Kids 521 by Al Bourassa
  • NO Trespassing by itchingink
  • Western Welcome II by Al Bourassa
  • CHIEFTAIN by JohnDSmith
  • Boot Decor by CarolM
  • "Strait Welcomes the Crowd"... prints and products by © Bob Hall
  • Haida by itchingink
  • Sunmask by itchingink

About This Group

Please note there will be no more challenges for the time being as to many people are not reading the rules …

As long as it fits the Cowboy/cowgirl theme it will be welcome here. Think ‘wild west’ and you will be on the right track.

This is not the group for an image of a horse or cow in a paddock… but horses in a mob, or cows in a herd on the run might give the impression of a round up and there fore would fit the “cowboy” theme…

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