Recent Work

  • Horse reflections by Chris Brunton
  • There's Gold In Them Thar Hills by Michael May
  • Where Did the Years Go? by © Bob Hall
  • Tombstone Gentleman by Barbara Manis
  • Old Stone Cabin,near Moon Rocks,Reno Nevada USA by Anthony & Nancy  Leake
  • Cowboy Dreams  by Rick Short
  • Cowgirl Olympian  by Susan Bergstrom
  • Chia Barn by © Bob Hall
  • It's Not Just A Code by Barbara  Jean
  • Charlie Blue Eyes, Pinkerton Tracker by Susan Bergstrom
  • Closing the Deal by © Bob Hall
  • Early morning at the woolshed by Chris Brunton

About This Group

Please note there will be no more challenges for the time being as to many people are not reading the rules …

As long as it fits the Cowboy/cowgirl theme it will be welcome here. Think ‘wild west’ and you will be on the right track.

This is not the group for an image of a horse or cow in a paddock… but horses in a mob, or cows in a herd on the run might give the impression of a round up and there fore would fit the “cowboy” theme…

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