Cover Shot Photography (3 images per day)

Think your photography belongs in a book or a magazine? Show us!

Hi, sorry and "?"

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Just to introduce myself as a new member. I am a complete amateur photographer, live in Provence and also host various astounding groups such as the Full Frame, Lost in Space / Negative Space, Atheism and Humanism, Marmara and Photographic France groups.

Despite that, I submitted three in one go. Sorry about that. I’m terrible at reading titles. I promise not to do it again.

And now for a question: cover shots have a specific geometrical and compositional constraint. Nearly all cover images are portrait-shaped and cropped to fit the publication’s relative dimensions (4:3). Furthermore, images tend to be simple (sometimes too simple, IMO) so as not to detract from the text. I am delighted to see that none of these “rules” apply to this group. Is that intentional?



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Hello Stepan I am just a fellow member of cover shots, but have notice as a host to other groups that most on RB are low key and just want to explore there abilities and have fun, with that said usual rules such as two a day are just a preference to the host for convenience,(helps also to keep one from submitting 15 of one kind which is a pain). I would say not to take things too serious and have fun most do and it makes RB an enjoyable experience.