Group Rules:

COUNTRY ROADS – COUNTRY VIEWS is about sharing the same sights you experience along the way…the things that excite you as you discover them…*

Keep your COUNTRY ROAD in focus – capture the same sights you experience as you drive….the landscape views of the farm houses, old barns nestled in the valleys, *activities of country folk doing what country folks do, farm/ranch animals in a pasture with a background landscape of beautiful countryside and old fences that wind along the Country Road, …the things that excite you as you discover them*

We still love the solitude our CLASSIC COUNTRY ROADS offers but we also like the COUNTRY VIEWS along the way! We are accepting both types of work. Please view our gallery for ideas of your future work!

COLOR SHOTS ONLY – No B/W or Sepia – PLEASE do not FRAME your work

MOST FORMS OF ENHANCEMENTS are Welcome – MODERATION is the key word! Only QUALITY WORK will be accepted!
(all snapshots will be rejected!)

Hosts retain FINAL decision on all work accepted/rejected and will not debate or respond to questioning

No nudity or safe filters