! Country Crafts & Living !

Group Rules:

If you have had work rejected, please look below for the possible reason why, as no correspondence to the hosts will be entered into. Forum posts regarding rejections will be removed.

In Brief.
All work submitted into the group must be associated with some sort of craft/activity in the countryside of the UK & Ireland only.
No flowers please. There are plenty of groups on RB for them. see rule 4.
No landscapes unless some sort of activity is clearly visible. see rule 4.
2 uploads per day.

The Rules.

1 All work to be of good quality.

2 A description (what are we looking at) and location must accompany every picture submitted.

3 Please keep submissions as varied as possible. NO duplicates like b&w/sepia versions etc.

4 No Flowers etc, unless taken at a village fête. No Landscapes unless a group of ramblers, a shepherd, tractor/machinery etc is clearly visible.

To be kept to the group theme.

The Forums.
Are for the use of conveying information, help and advice, or for making announcements that will be of benefit to the group, and not for any political or anarchistic propaganda.
Any member found doing so will be removed from the group immediately.

No more challenges will be held.

Important Notice.
Constant disregard to the rules, hosts, or other members, could result in your removal from the group.