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Garden Tripod Art magazine

New Road ...

Charlie Mclenahan Charlie Mclenahan 1527 posts

looking down a new road…

Most of you by now would have read about RB withdrawing the 20 USD voucher for hosts to give out to its members. We were allowed 1 voucher per month to give to a member that had done something special in a group ..
Most hosts used them to reward challenge winners.

Now all of you that are hosts will know how limited everything is behind the hosting box here, in-fact its so very basic, here at country gardens come grow with us we decided not to not stay within the confines of RB and produce our own Magazine titled the Garden Tripod (country gardens is already the title of a posh magazine !)

With this in mind I would like to remind all our members that the Garden Tripod has its own web page at www.gardentripod.com also Ideas and images for the Garden Tripod can be emailed directly to gardentripod@yahoo.com

If you want to submit images or text for the magazine via the Garden Tripod web or email, you will be asked to sign an image release form, just to say you are happy for the image or text to be shown in the magazine.

The country gardens come grow with us group is still going to run challenges, sorry no voucher rewards now, and its going to be run in the forum page not the challenge area of the group. So do keep an eye open for these challenges.

If you wish to receive emails on when the challenges are run or the Garden Tripod is posted, Please Bmail your email address or just send an email to the gardentripod@yahoo.com.

Here at the Garden Tripod magazine we want to showcase your images, so if you send in your images via the email address then do also include your web address including all the addresses that your images can be seen in. I will post details on the Garden Tripod web page in due course


João Figueiredo João Figueiredo 1197 posts

So… Did I get it right? Does this mean that from now on if we want our material to be on the magazine we will have to e-mail them to you?

Nicole W. Nicole W. 1393 posts

no….if you want to get a reminder when the magazine is posted, you will have to send your real emailaddress.
You can not bmail people from a yahoo address :-)

Charlie Mclenahan Charlie Mclenahan 1527 posts

I am hopeless with words …. the group will still run the same, and images will still be reviewed with the Garden Tripod the same, it just if this latest news from RB has made more members leave the site the garden tripod magazine is still open for them…

João Figueiredo João Figueiredo 1197 posts

I’m sorry… Been the whole morning killing what was left (from yesterday) of my brain with some more PHP programing… Thanks for the explanations!!

Charlie Mclenahan Charlie Mclenahan 1527 posts

No problem Joao, I am rubbish with words :)))))
Hope your brain is feeling better soon :))

Nicole W. Nicole W. 1393 posts

if you know PHP…you could make a new RB for us…one that works LOL

João Figueiredo João Figueiredo 1197 posts


you never know… ;)
DragonflyRiver DragonflyRiver 8 posts

Thank you for this info!!