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Country Churches and Schoolhouses

Showcasing the beauty of old country churches and schoolhouses

Features For 10/14/12 !!!!!!

Sheryl Gerhard Sheryl Gerhard 788 posts

Here are this week’s featured artists. Congrats to everyone!!!!! I may keep the group open for a little while longer. I just can’t quite let it go yet. lol

Country Church
by Sheryl Langston

Little Church in Grand Rivers Kentucky USA
by AnnDixon

Country Church
by ��rdis B.

Old Time Religion
by James Brotherton

Beaver Creek Church
by Greg Belfrage

Corsock and Kirkpatrick Durham Church
by VoluntaryRanger

Pure Potential
by Pamela Phelps

St Tysilio's Church
by Yampimon

Building, Church, Corsock, Dumfriesshire, Scotland
by Hugh McKean

Stoddard Congregational Church
by Monica M. Scanlan

New Sweden Church
by Terence Russell

St James Church, Buttermere
by Jason Connolly

Dlouise Dlouise 3055 posts

Fabulous features, and congrats to all featured!!

kalaryder kalaryder 13803 posts

This is a great selection, well done to all

Greg Belfrage Greg Belfrage 45 posts

Thank you so much for featuring my photo! I’m so pleased to have found your wonderful group.

Terence Russell Terence Russell 272 posts

Wow, such a wonderful group of lovely churches. Congrats all y’all. I am pleased and honored to see my work amid all these wonderful images. Thanks Sheryl.

Pamela Phelps Pamela Phelps 1550 posts

What a beautiful selection of images! Huge congratulations to all members here today, and an honor to be among you! Thank you so much to the hosts for including my work here today!

RGHunt RGHunt 7375 posts

Congratulations on being featured. Truly deserving of your talent. Excellent choices.