Country Bumpkin

Group Rules:

Group Guidelines & Rules:
1. Only add work which relates to the description of this group "Country Bumpkin.
2. It doesn’t matter which country you’re from as long as the work is country related. Example: farm animals, farm houses, barns, tractors, farm equipment (including trucks as long as the setting is country), country landscapes, windmills, country churches, fields of flowers (no macros), wagons, horses, fields of crops, hayfields or bales of hay, scarecrows, etc. Pets are allowed if they are in a country setting. Portraits of people are best in other groups unless it is clear that the picture is in a country setting. Sunsets/rises are fine as long as the image is clearly a country setting.
4. There will be a limited amount of pages that we will keep up at all times so that everyone gets a better view of works and a better chance at being featured.
5. Only one feature per member at any one time.
6. We use monthly challenges to choose featured members and to determine the group avatar.
7. We do not allow Halloween images but Harvest pictures are fine. Pumpkins, hay rolls, etc. are acceptable.
8. No nudity in this group.
9. All artistic mediums are acceptable..

Your Host, Lori Peters