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Core [C.O.R.E]

The science Vs religion non-debate

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Comment The Writing Competitions
1 topic 14 posts

The online poetry competition that is unlike other poetry competitions.
Competition Results

about 3 years ago by autumnwind
Comment Writing Challenges- 2011
10 topics 248 posts
over 5 years ago by Ushna Sardar
Comment Group News
89 topics 491 posts
about 2 years ago by Ushna Sardar
Comment General Discussion
233 topics 521 posts

no, thank you!

almost 5 years ago by autumnwind
Comment The playground
11 topics 581 posts

Dive in :)

over 5 years ago by msdebbie
Comment You've been tagged!
203 topics 1939 posts

you’re it!

almost 5 years ago by Keith Reesor
Comment Artist Recognition
20 topics 75 posts
almost 6 years ago by Durham White
Comment *new members*
4 topics 66 posts

Welcome to the Core forum! check the links under group news to see what’s new!! Our forum is an attempt to bring individuals of different beliefs together in a fun positive environment, and to promote the works of our members. let’s look at some of the wa

over 6 years ago by aaeiinnn
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