Cool Stickers

If you love great sticker designs then this is the group for you.


  • Dodecahedron NetImage  by Rupert Russell
  • White Linear Mandelbrot by Rupert Russell
  • Black - Linear Mandelbrot  by Rupert Russell
  • Koch Curve Snowflake pattern by Rupert Russell
  • Doggie Dayz by Rubyblossom
  • Real snowflake photo - Two hearts by Alexey Kljatov
  • PAINTING OLD GLORY by WhiteDove Studio kj gordon
  • The Awakening... by Rubyblossom
  • animals vs plants by shewo
  • back to black by shewo
  • Superheroes by shewo
  • Airplane Scrapper Top Pattern by YoPedro
  • Super Mario Sweater  by tombst0ne
  • DON'T FORGET THE MILK. by John Medbury (LAZY J)
  • LOVE by TeaseTees
  • ///M by Blayde
  • EAT SHROOMS by John Medbury (LAZY J)
  • Love more by throwback