COOL FAR OUT TEES (2 per day)T-shirts Only!!!

We want people with great imaginations!

Recent Work

  • Jeb .3 by Alex Preiss
  • How to use the stairs  by ivanrodero
  • Wood knot .2 by Alex Preiss
  • Lava Flow at Kalapana 14 by Alex Preiss
  • Bee Nice by LordWharts
  • Dog and bone  by teesten
  • Dead Poll by jayveezed
  • I Whaley Love You by perdita00
  • Time traveller captured by mini droid robot by Arief Rahman Hakeem
  • Love Pugs by Sophie Corrigan
  • Bold bat madly in love with a pterodactylus by Zoo-co
  • Ugly flies kissing and falling in love by Zoo-co

About This Group

Featured Members"

Looking for creative minds. A member who loves what he does and shows it in his Tees. Just do your best work, thats what we want here.

Copyright Rules That Need to be Obeyed
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Tees that we are looking for are:
Detailed, Humorous, Sad, Happy, Weird, Stupid, Idiotic, Funny, Goofy, Halloween, Monsters, Slogans, Text, Fantasy,Sci-Fi or just plain Simple.

Featured Member of the Month
For overall quality of his work, Congratulations Chris

by Lloyd Harvey
The Person Wearing This Tshirt… Dribbles


*A Splitting Headache
by John Ossoway

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