Contemporary Pastel Painters (2 per day)

A group for artists working in the pastel medium, soft pastel, oil pastel, hard pastel, conte, pastel pencils and mixed media with pastel. No post-work in photoshop, please!

Recent Work

  • in the old cellar by Roman Burgan
  • Noxious or Luscious? by Lynda Robinson
  • offen by HannaAschenbach
  • Spish castle at late evening by Roman Burgan
  • watching the sun die by glennbrady
  • Daniel Radcliffe by Hilary Robinson
  • Guarding the Night Watch by Cameron Hampton
  • Irish summer by Roman Burgan
  • Dreaming by Norah Jones
  • still captures by djones
  • ein Märchen by HannaAschenbach
  • Still life with red by Roman Burgan

About This Group

This group exists to showcase the work of all Redbubble artists working in pastel. The pastel medium has many idiosyncrasies that require special knowledge. It is important for artists working in pastel to have a showcase for their work, to be inspired by others working in the medium and learn from one another and strive for excellence. Open to all artists working in the pastel medium, soft pastel, oil pastel, hard pastel, conte, and pastel pencils. Colored pencil works are not accepted in the group, as there is another group for that medium as is works that are charcoal, charcoal is accepted if it is with pastel in a mixed media context. Also allowed and encouraged, artworks in mixed media, as long as one of the media is pastel. We are no longer accepting pastel works that have been altered digitally. There are other groups for digital works and it would be better for our members to learn about pastel mediums here, without the filters to obscure the pastel strokes.

Our feature focus is

Vera kalinovska

The Theater
by Vera Kalinovska

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