Connecticut Photography & Art

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Recent Work

  • HORSE DRAFT,  GOSHEN CONNECTICUT by Thomas Barker-Detwiler
  • Beautiful Bee & Dahlia by daphsam
  • Catching Moonbeams by RC deWinter
  • Tatiana ~ Queen of the Fairies by SummerJade
  • Closing Time by RC deWinter
  • Moonlight at Midnight by RC deWinter
  • Icicles  by Gail Falcon
  • B&M 463 Caboose by Tom Piorkowski
  • Seaweed by Gail Falcon
  • Star-Studded Seacoast by RC deWinter
  • Memorial Hall by Tom Piorkowski
  • ALL MINE!! by Gail Falcon

About This Group

WELCOME!!! :)))

This group is for anyone who wants to share their high quality images of what CT means to them. Be bold – bring on the personality of this state. You don’t have to live here, but your image must be of CT. Show us what you love, what intrigues you… anything that shows all the different offerings of this pretty little place. Maybe a coffee shop you like to eat at or your favorite park… We’d love to see it’s quirky, eclectic bits along with its scenic rural landscapes, shoreline beauty and urban happenings…show us your best! Also a small description of feelings or how it was found, just a small story that tells everyone of your journey to your photograph. Thank you!

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