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11.18.2012 " Animal Crackers ..."

Rosehaven Rosehaven 1635 posts

In a way my heart breaks when I curate these Galleries for Wild Life Creatures…………..the reason …………..you are always feeding such magnificent images into the Group that I want to Feature them all ……………but I can’t .This is why I try so hard to group them in subjects so that each species has a turn to be in the Limelight ………I hope that you all love these works as much as I do . Please join me in Congratulating our incredible Artists Featured in today’s Gallery as I hang these beauties on the walls of our Special Room

FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time, if their image meets the theme & judging requirements.
Warmest wishes to you all & have a wonderful week ahead !

ctheworld ctheworld 7367 posts

Lovely work by all! Congrats everyone!

LoneAngel LoneAngel 5351 posts

stunning collection .. huge congrats everyone

Arla M. Ruggles Arla M. Ruggles 684 posts

FANTASTIC imagery!! Thank you for including my work!

Macky Macky 1159 posts

Much appreciated Rosehaven and congrats to all the other featured artists!!

Christine Annas Christine Annas 331 posts

My goodness, Lynnie! You’ve outdone yourself with this stunning gallery. Amazing work displayed here, biggest congratulations to all the talented artists who had their work featured. Well done, everyone : )

RoseMarie747 RoseMarie747 454 posts

Amazing captures…those snowy owls are so beautiful…….

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 4607 posts

These are Fantastic! Congratulations to all featured artists!

AuntDot AuntDot 5428 posts

A beautiful selection, Lynne! It’s hard to take them all in the first time, you really have to look again and again. Thanks so much for including two of mine, and a big congratulations to my fellow featured artists!

jammingene jammingene 1171 posts

TY for including me in this collection, congrats to all..☺☺☺☺

paolo1955 paolo1955 3765 posts

Stunning collection .. huge congrats everyone

RickDavis RickDavis 655 posts

Congratulations Everyone and Thank You for featuring my work!!!!

mark6229 mark6229 890 posts

Great work, many congratulations to all. Delighted to be included.

labaker labaker 125 posts

Great work everyone, thanks for all the hard work creating this wonderful collection, honored to be included :))

polly470 polly470 1088 posts

Quite frankly I have NEVER seen such a stunning collection of images…each and every one a complete gem – outstanding, lovely Lynne, and wow everyone!

GiselaSchneider GiselaSchneider 1767 posts

wonderful selection of images, congrats to all !!!

Evita Evita 14970 posts

Awesome works… Thank you so much for including one of mine !!!!!!
Congratulations to my fellow featured artists !!!!!

Chris Lord Chris Lord 618 posts

A wonderful “Bestiarum Vocabulum” indeed. Proud to be included in your most excellent menagerie Lynne. Thank you so much. My congratulations to everyone with featured images in this gallery.

Maree Cardinale Maree Cardinale 1882 posts

What an absolutely beautiful, and I found quite moving, display.
Lynne, I can’t help thinking how long this must have taken you!
Thank you for creating it!
Congratulations to all, your work is inspiring.
Thanks so much for including one of mine, I’m so honoured to be amongst them!
Maree xx

Erik Schlogl Erik Schlogl 95 posts

Congratulations everyone, excellent images!

Mieke Boynton Mieke Boynton 2567 posts

Wow… what an incredible collection. Superb curation, Lynn!! Huge congratulations to all featured artists!!

Irene  Burdell Irene Burdell 817 posts

Thank you so much for featuring two of mine , what a gorgeous selection . x

riata66 riata66 184 posts

Thank you for the feature…I haven’t posted in RB in at least 6 months or more and don’t check it very often. I appreciate your hard work of picking all these beauties.

Tarrby Tarrby 1358 posts

Absolutely stunning, well done Lynne and congratulations all round.

peter holme III peter holme III 487 posts

lynne !! thank you for 3 features ! congrats to all ! regards, peter