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9.6.11 "Wonderful Places to Dream of ....."

Rosehaven Rosehaven 1635 posts

So many of us dream of travelling but for one reason or another we are unable to do so. The joy that others bring to us by showing us the visions of the world through their eyes is immense . A big thank you to all whom do this , what an incredible world we live in , thank you for bringing this world into our homes so that we may see . Please join me in Congratulating all of our wonderful Featured Artists today on their fabulous images which enrichen our lives

FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time, if their image meets the theme & judging requirements.
Warmest wishes to you all !

Livvy Young Livvy Young 2696 posts

WOW,amazing views,congrats to all.

Maree Cardinale Maree Cardinale 1882 posts

What a fantastic selection!! Wow!
Congrats everyone !

ienemien ienemien 744 posts

Beautiful!! WOW what a wonderful sellection!!
Congrats to all artists and…
Thanks for including my art ;-)
Bye ienemien

Iris MacKenzie Iris MacKenzie 715 posts

what wonderful scapes! congratulations to all!

FacetEyePhoto FacetEyePhoto 416 posts

I’m not a very good traveler but with these kinds of scenes I just might be tempted. Wonderful selections Lynn and a great job everyone!

mark6229 mark6229 890 posts

Wonderful images, many congratulations to all.

Ulla Jensen Ulla Jensen 979 posts

I just want to pack my bags and GO after viewing this beautiful selection !!! Great work – very inspiring.
Many congratulations to all ! x

Irene  Burdell Irene Burdell 817 posts

Wow I can’t believe I have three in this beautiful selection. Congratulations to all on your beautiful work . x

snapitnc snapitnc 661 posts

all stunners lynne,it is quite remarkable the constant quality that is entered into this group of which you run so well,congrats to all featured artists,and thanks so much for my feature.

shortshooter-Al shortshooter-Al 238 posts

What a beautiful world it still is. Congrats to all the featured artists.

Richard Gaffney Richard Gaffney 43 posts

Very well done.

Monica M. Scanlan Monica M. Scanlan 1255 posts

Beautiful work and congratulations to all!!! I am so honored to be among these beautiful features! Thank you, Lynne!!!

vaggypar vaggypar 13457 posts

Great Work. !!

Lee d'Entremont Lee d'Entremont 4607 posts

Awesome Features!!!! Congratulations to all of you!

George Cousins George Cousins 46 posts

What an amazing collection, and I’m truly honoured to have a place among them. Sincere congratulations to each and every one of you, really great work!

JohnDSmith JohnDSmith 2760 posts

So very pleased to be among this awesome group,….Love this wonderful feature,….THANK YOU !
Congratulation to everyone else,….

Joe Powell Joe Powell 66 posts

Amazing collection, I am so very honored to have a my work featured among these great artist. Congratulations to all.

KBritt KBritt 167 posts

Beautiful work – Congratulations one and all!!! Another stunning display, Lynne.

peter holme III peter holme III 487 posts

thanks lynne ! kudos to all !

AuntDot AuntDot 5428 posts

Fun to see the world sitting here with my feet up! Congratulations to all the talented featured artists!

✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђєℓℓσ ✿✿ Bonita ✿✿ ђ... 10459 posts

♥ . .))(
♫ .(ړײ) ♫.
♥ .«▓» ♥.
♫ ..╝╚.. ♫ Congratulations To All Beautiful Pictures Wonderful selections and Viewing in This Wonderful Gallery,I am honoured and thirlled to be amongst the ones chosen as a feature amongst all you wonderful talented Artists,Thank you Lynne for all you do within this group to make it special for us all hugs,Know you are appreciated!!


paolo1955 paolo1955 3765 posts

Great selection Congratulations to all the features.

Xandru Xandru 231 posts

Amazing Work … every single piece !!! Congratulations to all the talented artists!

Sharksladie Sharksladie 431 posts

What GORGEOUS places we have on this planet to roam through, enjoy, and remember. Certainly we as a society should be able to pull all of our brain energy and resources together to achieve uniform peace and prosperity, and keep this planet around to enjoy and continue to be amazed by its’ beauty and proud of its’ history! I sure have high hopes for that to occur. Congratulations to all here- I appreciate all of you who share your world with me. Thank you Lynne. xxxx Steph : )