Photo Enhancement and Photo Manipulations in Gallery quality only

8.21.11 "Through the Eye of the Beholder ....."

Rosehaven Rosehaven 1632 posts

We each have our individual ways of seeing things , but in all honesty how can any of us look at these incredible images and not see the wondrous beauty within ? Thank you all so very much for sharing your fabulous work , as always it gives me the greatest pleasure to hang these images on the walls of our very Special Room ….Please join me in congratulating all Featured Artists in todays Gallery !

FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time, if their image meets the theme & judging requirements.
Warmest wishes to you all !

Guendalyn Guendalyn 2323 posts

Esatto, queste sono immagini STUNNING…….

Charuhas  Images Charuhas Images 260 posts

What a beautiful selection. Congratulations to all wonderful artists!!

leonie7 leonie7 662 posts

Congrats to all featured artists all images just so beautiful i am over the moon to be among them thank you lol lee

hampshirelady hampshirelady 372 posts

Truly wonderful images here! Every time I look at these galleries I think I can never be so astounded again – but I am, time after time. Congratulations to all you superb artists. Thank you Lynne for including one of my images. Have a great Sunday everyone. Sues

Christine Annas Christine Annas 331 posts

I love getting to peruse our group features on Sunday morning with a cup of coffee in my hand! I’ve just gone back over them for the third time, LOL it is such a treat. Wonderful works as always, Lynnie never does a collection that is less than stunning. Congratulations featured artists and Lynnie thank you so much for including one of my images today.

ajgosling ajgosling 124 posts

Great collection, congratulations everyone. Thanks Lynne.

Teresa Pople Teresa Pople 177 posts

Such a wonderful collection, congratulations to all . . .

Ulla Jensen Ulla Jensen 979 posts

Again, an incredible collection of phenomenal work…. I’m always impressed – with both the art and the way it is being put together.
Thank you so much for including one of mine, I’m very honoured. Have a great Sunday. x

Dean Bailey Dean Bailey 19 posts

inspiring collection

carol brandt carol brandt 143 posts

Congratulations to all … a super collection Lynne … AGAIN! :)

Ell-on-Wheels Ell-on-Wheels 2002 posts

Congratulations and well done to all! Beautiful imagery!! :o)
Rose, can’t imagine it’s an easy task to choose just a few images from such a wondrous gallery of work!
Well done to you, and to all featured artists! :o))

vaggypar vaggypar 13443 posts

Lovely Work .!!

Barbara  Glover Barbara Glover 517 posts

All are beautiful images.

Tamara  Kaylor Tamara Kaylor 607 posts

What an awesome collection! Congratulations to all of the featured artists ; )

Usha Ganesh Usha Ganesh 185 posts

Congratulations top all featured; great work.

Richard Gaffney Richard Gaffney 43 posts

Great collection, congratulations to all.

Elfriede Fulda Elfriede Fulda 682 posts

Oh these are awesome, congratulations to all of you, and thank you for including me Lynne, an honor as always !

Ken McElroy Ken McElroy 136 posts

Thanks again, Rose for the distinct honor of placement among your superbly designed gallery. Congrats to all of you who were selected for inclusion – such a visual feast!

Tarrby Tarrby 1392 posts

Wonderful collection yet again Lynne, many congratulations to you and all the talented artists involved, Brian

James Gibbs James Gibbs 3518 posts

Congratulations featured artists!

CarolM CarolM 467 posts

Such beautiful works of art!! So much talent! Congratulations everyone!

redscorpion redscorpion 10 posts

Congratulations to all fellow redbubblers! Lovely collection, Rose…!

Darlene Lankford Honeycutt Darlene Lankfo... 2003 posts

Wow what an honor to be featured among such terrific works and artists. Thank you and congrats to all!

virginian virginian 13292 posts

Congrats to all.