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8.12.11 "All Creatures Great & Small....."

Rosehaven Rosehaven 1710 posts

Such precious ,tender , mighty , incredibly detailed , endearing images …………….but truly they speak for themselves don’t they ? As I am sure you all know I am passionate about the Animal Kingdom & adore featuring this subject . For those of you wanting to help any causes for raising funds and awarness around this subject I know that Mark Hughes , has some wonderful information regarding the endangered Amur Leopard Conservation ,I am sure he would be only too delighted to have you drop in and read his information , a mighty cause if ever there was one ……………………
Please join me in congratulating all of our gloriously talented Artists today , thank you all for sharing your stunning images with us in HQI group ! Have a fabulous weekend everyone !

FYI: All images are chosen for their image quality…not by Artist names. Artists may receive more than one feature at a time, if their image meets the theme & judging requirements.
Warmest wishes to you all !

Qnita Qnita 5587 posts

How Sweet!! Wonderful features! Congratulations to everyone!!

©The Creative  Minds ©The Creative ... 97 posts

thank you for the special feature :) Congrats to all!

Shiny Happy People Photography xx

Digidi Digidi 349 posts

congratulations to all artisits im extremely pleased to have two featured on this wonderful page

vaggypar vaggypar 13911 posts

Great Work as always..!!!

Barbara  Glover Barbara Glover 600 posts

Absolutely outstanding images.

Congrats to all.

machka machka 1724 posts

Awesome selection. Congratulations to all featured artists.

polly470 polly470 1156 posts

I could look at pictures of animals and insects for ever…and this collection has me spellbound!! Mark, your work is an inspiration and a joy….
Lynne…you have done all of the artists proud…congratulations to EVERYONE!!!

Nikonuser Nikonuser 28 posts

Thank you for including my image in this amazing collection of work, I would like to congratulate all my fellow artist on there features.

Clive S Clive S 902 posts

Wonderful collection. Congratulations to all artists.

Robert  Welsh Robert Welsh 56 posts

Simply beautiful.

TeresaB TeresaB 2646 posts

Awesome selection of beautiful creatures Lynne!! Huge Congratulations to all artists featured…your work is amazing!!! And thank you so much Lynne for including my guy!!

Mark Hughes Mark Hughes 974 posts

Wonderful work, many congratulations to featured artists, I am delighted and honoured to be included. Thank you so much Lynne for the promotion of the Amur Leopard Programme.

1Nino 1Nino 110 posts

Congratulations to all the wonderful artist – Superb viewing!!!………..

Elizabeth Kendall Elizabeth Kendall 2317 posts

Oh my goodness!! To be part of this is a great honour! Thanks so much Lynne!! This is really beautiful! Congrats to all!!

Briar Richard Briar Richard 20 posts

I’m honored and very humbled to be among you. Another fantastic collection! Congrats to all, and thanks to our selfless and tireless host, Lynne, for displaying our work in such a wonderful way. We appreciate it very much!

Alan Mattison Alan Mattison 530 posts

This collection is just something else!! I’m spellbound by the quality of the works and the way in which you select and show them, Lynne !!!

Ulla Jensen Ulla Jensen 1081 posts

Now how precious is this ? Absolutely wonderful selection….!
Congratulations to all !!

Marjorie Wallace Marjorie Wallace 1142 posts

Oh so beautiful! Congratulations to all!

ambermay ambermay 353 posts

These images are so fantastic! I am so honored and thankful to be feature among them!!!
Congratulations to all!

Eyal Nahmias Eyal Nahmias 288 posts

I’m honored and thankful for the feature and exposure. Thank you!

waddleudo waddleudo 381 posts

Umm, maybe I should hang up my camera! After viewing these fabulous images, I’m blushing that I thought I was a photographer! OR maybe the Host should require the artists to include the brand of camera they used. Hey! I can use all the help I can get! LOL!
Cordially, Ellen

Carol Clifford Carol Clifford 310 posts

I am so pleased to be amongst such good artists in this collection. Many thanks for featuring my photo of the two pugs! Congrats to all the other artists. Cheers, Carol

virginian virginian 13965 posts

Wonderful choices. Congrats to all.

AuntDot AuntDot 5603 posts

Great selection of images, Lynne. Congratulations to the talented artists!